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Helping REALTORS® Do Business Better

OREA's Government Relations department serves its members by helping to create a legislative and regulatory environment favourable to Ontario REALTORS®.

Over the past decade, OREA has had a number of notable achievements at Queen's Park helping REALTORS® and their business. From special treatment under the Employment Standards Act, to winning a land transfer tax rebate for first time home buyers; from lobbying to get home ownership-friendly policies into election platforms, to making Ontario a North American leader when it comes to real estate consumer protection standards.

Watch this video to learn what OREA is doing for you right now. And most importantly, get involved!


OREA Government Relations: Helping REALTORS® Do Business Better


[Host: Patricia Verge] Hi, I am Pat Verge, a REALTOR® from Ottawa and Chair of the 2012 Government Relations Committee at the Ontario Real Estate Association.

Did you know that:

  1. Ontario REALTORS® receive special treatment under the Employment Standards Act?
  2. That first time home buyers in Ontario get a big tax break on their first purchase?
  3. Or that… Ontario home sellers aren’t required by law to provide an energy audit to a seller?
  4. Or did you know that… All major Ontario political parties committed to homeowner friendly policies in the last election?
  5. How about the fact that the Ontario real estate industry has some of the highest professional & consumer protection standards in the World?

But do you know why?

It’s because the REALTOR® voice at Queen’s Park is strong thanks to your Government Relations team at the Ontario Real Estate Association.

This team is made up of professional staff, volunteers and you! Together we promote a legislative and regulatory environment favorable to Ontario’s REALTORS® and property owners

It means that means OREA’s work at Queen’s Park helps you do more business better!

It means that thanks to hard work and dedication, OREA has had a decade of notable accomplishments at Queen’s Park, benefitting Ontario REALTORS®. For example:

  • OREA lobbied to obtain an exemption for real estate salespeople from employment standards legislation saving Ontario brokerages millions in payroll and administrative costs.
  • OREA convinced the province to expand the existing Land Transfer Tax rebate program to include first time buyers of resale homes. As a result, home buyers in Ontario have saved millions of dollars in tax.
  • Or better yet, OREA fought for and won amendments to the Green Energy Act stopping a mandatory home energy audit provision in its tracks By defeating time of sale home energy audits we helped save home owners thousands in equity and other transaction costs.
  • And let’s not forget our OREA’s 2011 election campaign  Home Ownership Matters. This campaign communicated the importance of home ownership to political parties and candidates right across the province. As a result, all three parties included policies benefiting homeowners in their platforms.
  • Most importantly, OREA worked with the province to pass new legislation governing the real estate profession in Ontario. This legislation has helped made Ontario a leader in North America for consumer protection and professional standards.

And the work does not stop there.

From working to establish a registry of former marijuana grow operations, to lobbying the Ministry of Consumer Services to allow real estate salespeople to incorporate, or pushing for amendments to permit the use of electronic agreements of purchase and sale, OREA’s team of professional staff and volunteers continues to ensure the REALTOR® voice is heard loud and clear at Queen’s Park.

But do you know what our most effective lobbying tool is?

It’s you. Our 54,000 member REALTORS®.

When you respond to OREA’s Calls-For-Actions, your MPPs listen.

They know, that as engaged professionals in the local community, your opinions and your business matters.

So the next time you see a Call-For-Action email in your inbox, take the time to respond and send a message to Queen’s Park that the REALTOR® voice is united and strong.

If you want to learn more visit our website - or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Together we’ve won many victories at Queen’s Park for REALTORS® and for home owners.

But let’s not rest on our laurels. Today’s industry demands even stronger representation at Queen’s Park.

Because if real estate is your profession, then politics is your business.

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