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The OREA offices will be closed on Monday, July 3 for Canada Day. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 4.

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The OREA offices will be closed from 12pm - 2pm on Thursday, June 29. Scheduled classes will not be affected.

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Leadership 100 - On the Path to Leadership
Free Online Enrollment 
This online course is a basic training course for first-time leaders new to organized real estate. They learn the roles and responsibilities of association leaders, how to become a valuable committee member and ways to make their volunteer time meaningful and productive. 

 To be added to the Leadership 200 & 300 courses waiting list, please add your name here.

Leadership 200 - Becoming a Leader
Prerequisite Leadership 100
This intermediate course is for leaders of all kinds – individual leaders, organizational leaders and association leaders.  This 3-hour course is designed to help participants accelerate their leadership development with tools and techniques that give them the ability to see the big picture. They’ll learn about good governance, how to participate effectively in meetings and build consensus as they get more involved in association leadership.

Leadership 300 - Enhancing Leadership Skills
Prerequisite Leadership 200
This advanced course is for leaders of all kinds – individual leaders, organizational leaders and association leaders.  It is targeted to leaders who are interested in advancing their skills in chairing meetings and answering tough questions. Through group discussion and interactive activities, participants will better understand governance and learn ways to advance their strategic plan.

Leadership 400 Series
Prerequisite Leadership 300
This 3-day course teaches presidents-elect how to respond to challenging issues and questions with poise and confidence. They learn powerful presentation tools and conflict resolution approaches that improves their ability to communicate with volunteers, members and staff.

Leadership 500 - Provincial Leadership
Provincial Level Leadership
This customized program is for new directors at the provincial level. Through training, coaching and mentoring, they work to achieve their goals, sharpen their insights and master a broad range of strategic and operational decisions.

 GyroscopeNimble Decision Making
 For Board of Directors
A lot can get in the way of making good board decisions. Through three self-directed tutorials a board of directors learns together to remove the barriers to nimble decision making and access the information they need to make sound, informed decisions.

This award-winning course is designed to help a board of directors make an immediate change for the future as they conduct the modules of the program immediately prior to board meetings. In this way they can apply the skills and knowledge they learn immediately at the board meeting that follows. It’s that simple! After three board meetings they can see an immediate difference in the board’s effectiveness.  

What OCLD does for you

The OREA Centre for Leadership Development provides training, support and events that help volunteers make a difference.

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