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Enhancing Leadership Skills: Leadership 300

* Prerequisite: Leadership 200
If you have not enrolled in Leadership 200, your registration for this course will not be processed.
For more information call 1-800-265-6732, extension 219


This advanced course is for leaders of all kinds – individual leaders, organizational leaders and association leaders.  It is targeted to leaders who are interested in advancing their skills in chairing meetings and answering tough questions. Through group discussion and interactive activities, participants will better understand governance and learn ways to advance their strategic plan.

Learning Objectives

You will learn:
  1. Explain the duties that directors are expected to fulfill
  2. Implement a strategic plan through actions and initiatives
  3. Describe effective ways to plan and facilitate meetings
  4. Fulfill the responsibilities of a meeting chairperson
  5. Answer with impact when asked a challenging question
  6. Assess their leadership skills

Duties of Directors
What is Expected of Directors?
Fulfilling the Duties of Directors
Developing and Advancing the Strategic Plan
What is Strategic Planning?
Developing a Strategic Plan
How Strategic Goals Guide Decision Making
Advancing the Strategic Plan and Goals
After the Plan: Addressing Challenges
Meeting Management
Managing Meetings: Planning and Facilitating
Responsibilities of the Chair
Meeting Ground Rules
Handling challenging questions
Answer with Impact
Leadership Attributes: Checklist for Leaders


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