Canada Day Closure

The OREA offices will be closed on Monday, July 3 for Canada Day. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 4.

Brief office closure on Thursday

The OREA offices will be closed from 12pm - 2pm on Thursday, June 29. Scheduled classes will not be affected.

Leadership 400 Series

* Prerequisite for these courses is Leadership 300.
This series of courses is for Presidents, Presidents-Elect and Executive Officers. As with all of our leadership courses, they are designed to develop skills, provide insight and equip leaders to be productive and effective. 
In order to provide cost-effective and convenient access to these important courses, we are offering them in conjunction with other OREA events where Presidents, Presidents-Elect and Executive Officers already gather. They form part of a leadership development path that provides ongoing development as leaders progress. 
  • Volunteer leaders must complete Leadership 400, 401 & 402 to receive a Leadership 400 Series Certificate of Completion.

Leadership 400: Building Leadership through Communication
For Presidents-Elect
This 3-day course teaches presidents-elect how to respond to challenging issues and questions with poise and confidence. They learn powerful presentation tools and conflict resolution approaches that improves their ability to communicate with volunteers, members and staff.

Learn More - Session Information for participants (login required)

Leadership 401: Laying the Groundwork for Success
For Presidents-Elect
A president-elect’s term is a critical time for laying the groundwork for success in the pending role as president.  This annual course helps presidents-elect, or those aspiring to become presidents, become leadership role models. Participants gain insight on how to facilitate group decision making, build relationships while addressing issues and help build good governance. This highly interactive session will help prepare presidents-elect to take on their new position with confidence.

You will learn:
  1. Facilitate group decision making
  2. Describe the principles on which good governance is based
  3. Identify elements that impact effective board governance
  4. Manage issues in the context of relationships
  5. Define your role as President-elect
  6. Network with other presidents-elect throughout their term of office

Cost: $100 per participant

Leadership 402: Taking the Reins
For Presidents
This interactive course helps new presidents take the reins with success. The first months of a president’s term is a critical time for ensuring success throughout the year. Through online and classroom sessions, they complete the training they need to fulfill their new roles and lead their association. They learn how to preside over meetings, achieve long-term goals through short-term activities and prepare for the annual general meeting.

You will learn:
  1. Prepare for the annual general meeting
  2. Ensure that the president-elect has a valuable role to fulfill
  3. Eliminate barriers to achieving the association’s long-term goals
  4. Professionally chair board of directors and committee meetings
  5. Network with other association leaders throughout their term of office

Cost: $100 per participant

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