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The OREA offices will be closed on Monday, July 3 for Canada Day. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 4.

Brief office closure on Thursday

The OREA offices will be closed from 12pm - 2pm on Thursday, June 29. Scheduled classes will not be affected.

  • How Less Content Can Result in More Learning

    Posted 16 June 2015 4:00 AM by Deanna Williams

    If you’re like many trainers, you have a desire to give learnings as much content as possible in your training session. There’s a problem with that, however. Too many topics and too much content results in less learning. It means that you are not able to take a deep look at any one of those topics because you’re trying to cover too much. Here are some suggestions for covering less content and getting better results.

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  • The Value of Breakout Sessions

    Posted 20 May 2014 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    When you’re tight for time, you might be inclined to shorten or eliminate break-out activities or discussions. In fact, that’s one of the most important elements of learning. It’s better to tighten up your presentation or content review to ensure that people have enough time to discuss, debate and relate what their learning during small break-out discussion groups. In this blog post I talk about the importance of break-out sessions to learning.

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  • The Importance of Real Life Examples

    Posted 30 April 2014 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    You can help bring content to life in a training program by sharing real life examples. Participants benefit from hearing how you have applied the learning, or how you’ve observed others apply it. And as always, it’s also great to solicit examples from participants. In this blog post I talk about how to ensure your examples hit the mark.

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  • Be A Unique Trainer

    Posted 18 March 2014 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    Those who have worked with me will know that I’m often preaching the importance of consistency amongst facilitators. That’s because with our leadership courses, it’s important that learners have a similar learning experience no matter which facilitator runs the course. Having said that, there is a lot of room for each facilitator to bring their own style to the classroom. And they can do that even while remaining consistent in how activities are run and information is delivered. In this blog I talk about the importance of using your own unique style as you facilitate. p> Read more... Comments (0)

  • Give Them Time to Breathe

    Posted 5 December 2013 5:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    Reflection is an important part of learning. People need time to stop and think about what has been covered and how they will use their new skills and knowledge on the job. In this blog I talk about the importance of reflection and share some ways that you can structure this into a training session so that participants think about how they will apply what they have learned.

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  • Take a Walk in Their Shoes

    Posted 30 October 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    In my last blog post I talked about the value of hanging out with other trainers.  But there’s something even more valuable for trainers to do, to ensure their training design and facilitation are top-notch; that is to take on the role of a participant.  When we become a learner, we can’t help but assess the learning experience.  When you sit in the participant’s seat and learn a new skill, you’re bound to come up with ways you can improve, as you compare your facilitation approach to that of the trainer. As you watch this blog post, think about how to ensure that you regularly take a walk in the participants’ shoes.

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  • Hanging Out With Trainers

    Posted 10 October 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    If you design training programs and sometimes struggle with finding new ideas and approaches, one of the best ways to rejuvenate your design is by hanging out with other trainers. There’s nothing like the conversation that can result when two designers get talking about their experiences, challenges and successes. In this blog post I talk about how important this interaction can be, especially if you’re a one-person operation.

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  • Use Segues to Improve Learning

    Posted 29 August 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    Learning is a journey. It’s a facilitator’s role to guide learners on their journey to new knowledge and skills. As classroom sessions may be comprised of chunks of learning (exercises, activities, discussions and lectures) it’s up to the facilitator to tie all of these together. That’s where the segue comes in.

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  • Action Plan

    Posted 3 May 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    The action plan remains one of the easiest and most effective classroom tools to help trainees transfer new skills and knowledge onto the job. It becomes a personalized plan that follows them back to work. It's a document that coaches can discuss with trainees to review their plans and progress. And it's a constant reminder to trainees that it's not important what happens in the classroom; what's important is what happens on the job.


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