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  • Increase Learning by Putting Content into Context

    Posted 1 October 2014 4:00 AM by djohnson

    Your real value as a training facilitator may not be in your ability to teach content. It may be in your ability to put learning into context. Participants gain the most value when they learn why something is important, how it relates to their lives and how they can use their new knowledge in a real and practical way. In this video blog post I share three things you can do to increase learning by helping participants put content into context.

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  • Facilitating Large Groups

    Posted 26 February 2014 5:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    Over the years I’ve often been asked to increase the number of participants at our leadership courses. The way the courses are designed, the ideal number of participants is 20 – 30. With groups larger than that it can be challenging to get the same results. Either time runs out or participation is lost. Despite my hesitance, there are times when it makes sense to increase the group size. I’ve learned that with some planning and revisions, you can ensure that larger groups get great value from classroom training; however, the onus is on the facilitator to adapt.

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  • Partner With Your Subject Matter Expert

    Posted 16 January 2014 5:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    Partnering with your subject matter experts (SME) is critical to the success of a training program. They may be experts on content but they don’t likely know how to help people learn that content. That’s why it’s so important for training designers to focus on what people need to learn and how best to help them learn without getting bogged down by the reams of information that a SME might bring to the table. As you watch this blog post, think about how you can make sure that you and your SMEs partner to create a training program that gets results.

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  • Storytelling Helps Learning

    Posted 25 June 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    Who doesn’t love a good story? And a classroom is a great place to use storytelling. Stories are easier to remember than mere facts, and when a story includes an emotional element learners retain the lessons much longer. Here are four things you can do to make your storytelling the best it can be.


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