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  • Slides Are Not Handouts

    Posted 14 November 2014 5:00 AM by djohnson

    Go to any seminar or conference and you are likely to receive copies of the slides as your handouts. Seems sufficient enough, but is that the best approach? In this blog post I give some reasons for rethinking this common practice.

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  • Dont Answer That Question

    Posted 10 September 2014 4:00 AM by djohnson

    When you are asked a question in a classroom session, bite your tongue! Hold back from answering the question, even if you have a great answer. We know that people learn best when they think through and come up with their own solutions. When someone asks you a question in a classroom session, you have an opportunity to help them do just that. In this blog post I talk about three ways you can help participants learn more by coming up with their own answers and their own solutions.

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  • Use Your Position to Set the Tone for Learning

    Posted 9 April 2014 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    You send a message to learners by where you position yourself in the classroom. When you stand, you send one message; when you sit you send a different message. It's valuable to know what messages you send as you move around a classroom. Make sure you choose the best position for the learning environment you want to create. Here are three positions you can take and the messages they send.

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  • Take a Quick Turn Left

    Posted 17 September 2013 4:00 AM by Deanna Williams

    I’ve learned that training design is rarely linear. It feels more like a piece of art, a work in progress. In this video blog I share how I’ve come to embrace the twists and turns that happen when you set out to design a training program; and how important these turns are for the success of any training program.

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  • Giving Clear Classroom Instructions

    Posted 7 August 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    If there’s one time in a classroom where I’ve seen many confused looks by participants, it’s when facilitators give instructions. I’m sure most facilitators don’t intend to be unclear; they just don’t understand some of the key rules for giving instructions so that people understand. Here are some tips I hope will help.

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  • Using Slides

    Posted 16 July 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    When slides are used effectively in a classroom, they’re a valuable aid for learners and a great tool for facilitators. When used poorly…well, I don’t need to explain the result. Suffice it to say that many people call that death by PowerPoint. In this blog post I share some of the ways you can ensure that your slides contribute to the learning process.


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  • Pacing

    Posted 4 June 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    Ever feel that your mini lectures in the classroom fall on deaf ears?  If you’ve got something important to say, here are three things you can do that will help to get your message heard.


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  • Ask vs Tell

    Posted 7 April 2013 4:00 AM by Elaine La Chappelle

    I learned some time ago how to engage people in discussion in a book by TV personality Barbara Walters called "How to Talk With Practically Anybody About Practically Anything". I've used this technique in my training ever since. Hope you find it useful too.



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