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Is a Career in Real Estate Right For Me

Buy land, they're not making it anymore.The world is driven by real estate. Individual Ontarians everywhere want to buy or sell property. In many cases, a home is the largest single asset a person will ever own and, for many, real estate equity forms the essential foundation of their personal wealth.

Corporations come in many sizes and shapes but the one thing most have in common is real estate. Their holdings can range from manufacturing facilities and corporate offices to retail outlets. Whatever their size or use, a corporation’s real estate assets always have a profound effect on the balance sheet and bottom line.

Today’s professional real estate registrants do much more than simply list and sell property. They alter destinies and make dreams come true for Canadians from every economic stratum. They help create jobs and fuel business development in communities from coast to coast. Put simply – in a profession where there is very seldom such a thing as a ‘simple’ real estate deal, they make real estate work for people and enterprise. And by so doing, they come to enjoy professional success along with the emotional and financial satisfaction that is a part of every successful real estate transaction.

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"My instructors were active REALTORS® in both residential and commercial. To this day I recall their real life stories, which I have since shared with other REALTORS® and even clients."

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Amie Ferris

Why OREA Real Estate College

Real estate is a rewarding profession – personally, professionally, and financially. Each year, several thousand students enrol in our Salesperson Registration Education Program.
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