Canada Day Closure

The OREA offices will be closed on Monday, July 3 for Canada Day. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 4.

Brief office closure on Thursday

The OREA offices will be closed from 12pm - 2pm on Thursday, June 29. Scheduled classes will not be affected.

Introduction to Provincial Leadership

This course provides training for those in a leadership position at the provincial level.
This customized program is for new directors at the provincial level. Through training, coaching and mentoring, they work to achieve their goals, sharpen their insights and master a broad range of strategic and operational decisions.

Learning Objectives

You will learn:
  1. Access resources and information to support their role as director
  2. Understand how OREA is structured
  3. Know how OREA serves its customers and stakeholders
  4. Describe how the OREA Board of Directors operates
  5. Explain how the board uses the Dashboard and Risk Register
  6. Understand the time commitments of a director
  7. Know how to build a healthy relationship with staff directors and staff
  8. Discuss the issues currently being discussed by the board of directors
  9. Describe the keys to being a successful director
  10. Communicate appropriately with members and local boards
  11. Participate productively in the strategic planning process
  12. Understand provincial financial statements and the association’s budgeting process
Course Content
• A Bit About OREA
• OREA Board of Directors Overview
• Dashboard and Risk Register
• The Role of Staff Director
• Carryover Issues
• Being an Effective Director
• Some Practical Information
• The Strategic Planning Process
• Financial Statements
• Budgeting Process
• Events and Expenses
• AODA Training
• Competition Training
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