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Nimble Decision Making

Award Winning Course

Image_Silver Award CSTD
The Ontario Real Estate Association Centre for Leadership Development
wins silver award
for Nimble Decision Making, a course designed to raise
the leadership bar in organized real estate. 

How to make better more timely decision at your association.


A lot can get in the way of making good board decisions. Through three self-directed tutorials a board of directors learns together to remove the barriers to nimble decision making and access the information they need to make sound, informed decisions.

This award-winning course is designed to help a board of directors make an immediate change for the future as they conduct the modules of the program immediately prior to board meetings. In this way they can apply the skills and knowledge they learn immediately at the board meeting that follows. It’s that simple! After three board meetings they can see an immediate difference in the board’s effectiveness.

It's that simple!

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course participating boards are able to: * Stay on top of emerging trends so they are ahead of the curve
* Shape the information they receive so they can understand and act upon it
* Identify barriers at the board table and take action to remove them
* Adopt powerful tools that will help boards implement decisions as nimbly as they make them

Course Content

Tutorial One: Informing Decision Making
In this tutorial, participants learn how to get informed on emerging trends, issues and opportunities. Those are the issues that are on the horizon, that a board needs to be informed of early so that their decisions are timely. The participating board develops an action plan to improve how it gathers and shares information on emerging trends.
Tutorial Two: Removing Barriers
In the second tutorial, participants explore how board members can behave in a way that is responsive to the business of the board. That means eliminating those barriers that board member behaviours can create at the board table.
Tutorial Three: Implementing Decisions
In the third tutorial participants explore the important responsibility of directing the association. This is accomplished through the implementation plans developed by the chief staff officer. It’s about monitoring the implementation and communicating decisions effectively to members.

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